National Environment Conference 2013

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Date: 4th June 2013
Venue: Empire Hotel and Country Club

This year’s theme will focus on urgent issues around climate change and how we can transform the present and the future using knowledge and technology.

Now on its 6th year , the conference brings together annually up to 250 key stakeholders and leading members of the public and private sectors and academia. The National Environment Conference continues to provide a platform for engaging the government and private sector on the issues of environmental stewardship, natural resource management, and the green economy for a sustainable future.

Alongside the conference, a Green Expo will take place gathering global and local industry leaders and the public to meet, contact, network, exchange goods, services, knowledge and experience in the context of green living. This year’s Green Expo will showcase global resources for the environment, energy, water, recycling, sustainable living and green technology.

In the lead up to the conference, a Billion Dollar Challenge in the format of a workshop took place on 18th May to give young people in Brunei the opportunity to decide how they would solve the world’s biggest problems if they have One Billion Dollars.

Convened by Asia Inc Forum in collaboration with Alcoa, HSBC and Total, the National Environment Conference is a platform for dialogue between business, government environmental practitioners, civil society, educational institutions and other stakeholders and individuals who care about the environment and aspire to make a difference.

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