Youth Eco-Documentary Awards 2012

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National Environment Conference 2012

Youth Eco-Documentary Awards

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Best Proposal


Name of School: Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan.
PROJECT TITLE: Beautifying Brunei
1. Yasmin Faridah bte Abd Manan (Pre-U)
2. Amanda Lim Yan Ling (Pre-U)
3. Lai ling ling (Pre-U)
4. Chong Ming De (Pre-U)
5. Lee Huan Ni (Pre-U)

Pollution is a pox on the nation. Not only it is unpleasant to the eyes, it affects Brunei’s endeavours in establishing our tourism industry and also burdens the country’s economy in the governments efforts to dissipate the refuse-fund that should not be spend on an issue that could have been prevented.

We, as concerned citizens, have proposed several solutions to help coax Brunei to take bigger steps towards achieving eco-librium. Various suggestions include carrying out monthly cleaning campaigns and holding national competitions to determine the Kampong that had collected the largest amount of recyclables every half a year. In addition to a heightened awareness by having parents set a better example and educating the younger generation from infancy, it has been suggested to increase the ratio of recycling bin to normal rubbish bin until it is 1:1 in any given area. Our group has also put forward a radical design for the recycling bin, in which the interior of the bin would be partitioned into four detachable compartments: Aluminium, Paper, Plastic and General. Essentially, the goal would be to install at least one of these bins onto every household in Brunei. This movement can be initiated by the government through the national housing scheme. The objective here would be to gradually ensure that the habit of recycling would be integrated as a fundamental part of the everyday Bruneian life.


NAME OF SCHOOL: Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Hasan
PROJECT TITLE: The Little Things We Do
1. Mohd Syafiq bin Hj Mohamad (Year 11)
2. Ashley Aaron Petrus (Year 11)
3. Asher Alister Petrus (Year 11)
4. Miza Farzana bte Hj Marzuki (Year 11)
5. Nur Amerah Azyah bte Hj Besar (Year 11)

Pollution seems to be a growing concern in Brunei. The government and youths in Brunei are actively involved in trying to overcome this problem. The throwing of bottles at inappropriate places such rivers, drains, beaches and other public places is a growing concern. This could cause water pollution, blockage of drain and particularly land pollution. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness among youths that these problems are affecting the environment in such ways it will deteriorate the environment. Our goal is to raise awareness of the pollution in Brunei and also to be aware what the government, schools and some youth groups are doing to help to work together to reduce, reuse and recycle – as the “Little things we do” can make an impact on reducing pollution in our beautiful land, Brunei Darussalam.

Most Entertaining Video


NAME OF SCHOOL: Sekolah Menengah Masin
1. Harith Fakhrusy Syakirin Bin Awg Rusli (Year 11)
2. Md Raihan Bin Hj Abdul Rahim (Year 11)
3. Sofiah Bte Hj Wahab (Year 11)
4. Nurrizzati Syahirah Bte Md Rusleey (Year 11)
5. Norawiyah Fitri Bte Johan (Year 11)

In summary, the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere is depleting. This is generally caused by the release of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) into the air by spraying aerosol cans; leave the air-conditioner open in an open area where the CFC can escape to the air. The effects if these CFCs is very extreme. Once they get into the earth ozone layer, the CFC will deplete the ozone layer causing harmful radiations such as UV rays to penetrate into the earth’s crust. This UV light is very harmful in large amount. Once the body expose to it, it can cause skin cancer and cataracts.

The purpose of this video is to give awareness to the people so they can know the situation that is happening now and can be prevented if take seriously. So in the future, our earth will not be very dangerous to live on.


NAME OF SCHOOL: Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang
PROJECT TITLE: The Forests Are Burning
1. Muhammad Zulfadhli bin Abdul Rahman (U6)
2. Abdul Khaliff bin Hj Abdul Karim (U6)
3. Izzat@Puasa bin Momin (U6)

In this animated episode, a narrator describing two best friends from Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang (PTEM) are devastated by the effects of deforestation and open burning, and are now embarking on a journey to raise awareness about the aforementioned environmental issue and how to solve it.

Best Picture


NAME OF SCHOOL: Sekolah Menengah Awang Semaun
PROJECT TITLE: Water Pollution in Kg Ayer
1. Nurul Aqilah binti Ahmad Taib (Year 11A)
2. Nur E’zzah Azimah bte Roslan (Year 10A)
3. Mohd Ariffin bin Hj Sarbini (Year 11A)
4. Qamarina Syazwani bte Hj Harun (Year 10A)
5. Nurul Nabilah binti Awang (Year 11A)

One of the worst case of pollution that has been around the country for so long is the water pollution in the Brunei river. This is not caused by just anyone but is really due to a long term habit that the people of Kg Ayer has been doing for over a decade. A bad habit is the worse kind of attitude and the hardest to prevent and stop. And a habit of throwing rubbish in the river is a problem that Brunei Darussalam needs to stop.

The Goal of this project is to give awareness to the students of SMAS, who are the future generations of Kg Ayer, to understand the problems they are causing. Habits in parents are a harder to prevent, especially if they have been doing this for years. The place to start is always the younger generations.


NAME OF SCHOOL : Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan
PROJECT TITLE: Our Brunei / Litter Apocalypse
1. Jonathan Ang Wen Fong (Pre-U)
2. Muhd Aznil bin Hj Yunus (Pre-U)

To show what excessive littering can lead to (possible litter apocalypse?)

Intro (Year 2030)
Person wakes up in a midst of garbage with his friend, with grave illness, just a few meters away. They travel together and finally met a hooded man.

Body (Year 2030)
The two friends ask the hooded man of what is happening to the world. The man explains what has happened due to excessive littering and also explains how he intends to solve the problem (or how he would have dealt with the problem earlier).

Outro (Year 2012)
Conveys an important message to the human in the year 2012 to prevent the litter apocalypse, and sends the tape back in time through the time machine.

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