Upcoming THiNK BIG Innovate Forum 2012 To Feature Ash Singh

Posted on  09/10/2012  |  Media Centre

By Danial Norjidi
Tuesday, 09 October 2012

Bandar Seri Begawan – The upcoming THiNK BIG Innovate Forum 2012 is set to feature a Canadian born, Chinese-educated Ash Singh, who is the Founder and CEO of interactive SG, Asia’s leading digital media and new business accelerator based in Singapore.

Interactive SG also produces Angel’s Gate, Asia’s first 360° TV platform for entrepreneurs, which is broadcast on Channel NewsAsia, and sees contestants pitch their business ideas to some of Asia’s most successful investors.

`Angel’s Gate takes the concept of community and expands it into an online network. It offers budding entrepreneurs an unprecedented opportunity for exposure,” Singh was quoted in a press release from Innovate Forum co-organiser, Asia Inc Forum. “They have a platform to pitch their dream business ideas to a global audience and to some of Asia’s biggest investors and venture capitalists.”

Angel’s Gate pushes the boundaries of digital marketing. Entrepreneurs can sign up for a free account to showcase their ideas on a project page where they are then encouraged to leverage on social networking platforms to garner support or use various e-marketing strategies from e-mail to online advertising.

The online community will then vote them to enter the next stage – to pitch to the ‘Angels” who are the judges and managers of the Angel’s Gate fund.

On top of using the digital space, Interactive SG also partners with the best in class brands for several components involved in producing Angel’s Gate such as PayPal as the crowd-funding partner, Microsoft for the Office 365 product, Google for the web apps, Amazon Web Services as the hosting service partner, and YouTube as the online content distribution partner.

Interactive SG also collaborates with established companies from diverse industries such as entertainment, technology, real estate, and education including Audi, Capitaland, Singtel, BlackBerry and among others.

In their press release, Asia Inc Forum explained that Singh’s entrepreneurial venture began at the age of 22 while studying in the Chinese University in Hong Kong, where he conceived and launched Social Network Business Systems, a business network development company that was acquired by Ad WRIGHT Holdings, a specialist in branding and advertising.

Singh then went on to serve as the Chief Technology Officer for At-Life, which created in-store plasma screens network and Singapore’s largest customer loyalty rewards programme with -almost 500,000 members for McDonald’s in all of their 125 restaurants.

Now at the age of 30, he serves as investor and director of five other companies in the digital media industry. He was named as one of Asia’s Top Young Entrepreneurs in 2009 by Business Week Magazine.

According to Delwin Keasberry, Programmes Manager at Asia Inc Forum, ‘Ash symbolises the ideal entrepreneur, one who continually challenges the status quo and know how to leverage the power of collaboration.”

“We hope our budding entrepreneurs in Brunei can take Ash’s example as an inspiration for their entrepreneurial escapades,” he added.

–Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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