Upcoming LBD Forum To Centre On ‘Creating Breakthrough Growth’

Posted on  05/11/2012  |  Media Centre

By Danial Norjidi

Monday, 05 November 2012 06:55

Bandar Seri Begawan – The upcoming Local Business Development (LBD) Forum by Asia Inc Forum is looking to make waves on SME development in Brunei.

According to a press release from Asia Inc, themed “Creating Breakthrough Growth”, the LBD Programme aims to continuously nurture the development of Brunei SMEs by assisting them to develop and grow their businesses through quality learning and the building of relationships with their peers in business as well as other relevant organisations.

Quoted in the press statement is Mr Delwin Keasberry, Programmes Manager of Asia Inc Forum, who said, “Growing a business presents a group of challenges for entrepreneurs and business owners.”

“There are challenges on scalability, human resource, quality, sustainability and so on. Most businesses, dependent on the stage of growth, experience the same or very similar kind of challenges when it comes to growing their enterprises.”

“We believe that it is critical for small and medium enterprises to understand and manage their growth possibilities and to focus beyond survival.”

Keasberry said that Asia Inc Forum has undertaken various workshops, seminars and forums for SMEs which focus on the areas of marketing, branding, human resources and customer service. He added that although they have seen many SMEs benefit from the training and exposure, but they still often sense a lack of energy in the SME sector.

“Together with our partners, we are hungry to see innovative SMEs apply fresh thinking, design new products and services here in Brunei and to create products that buyers really want,” he said. “Many small businesses feel that they are too small to have an impact on the market and so resort to playing it safe – in the words of Seth Godin they ‘pick the fruit that’s already grown instead of planting their own seeds’.”

Keasberry cited Dato Paduka Awang Haji Ali bin Haji Apong, Deputy Ministry at Prime Minister’s Office and Chairman of the Brunei Economic Development Board who spoke at last year’s LBD Forum 2011 and said that “in a small economy where domestic market is very limited, prioritising local production and distribution can be very challenging.”

“It is therefore very important that the scope of growth of our businesses should not be limited to the local environment but more importantly, they must be brave enough to take a bold step forward towards venturing and bringing their products and services into overseas market and achieve significant success to be on par with regional or international players within their respective industries.”

“Our businesses must be internationally competent and they must not be complacent with what they have already achieved.
Being innovative can be the key to their success but it eventually comes down to true ability to progress and grow towards a sustainable path.”

Asia Inc Forum’s Programmes Manager then said, “Echoing on Dato Paduka Ali’s words, we hope this forum will be an interactive opportunity for the participants to strengthen their businesses and for us to foster SME growth as well as development.”

“The forum will provide participants with the opportunity to assess and rethink their current business strategy through a dialogue and sharing with Dr Peter Ting, a Blue Ocean guru, who will share his insights on how we can best achieve growth.”

The LBD Forum is convened in partnership with Baiduri Bank, the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Microsoft, Indramas and SKS Wood.

The forum that will convene on November 6 at The Empire Hotel and Country Club is set to feature a renowned speaker from the USCI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre.

The upcoming forum will bring together 80 to 100 local entrepreneurs and feature a keynote address as well as dialogue with the guest of honour. The talk will centre on “Scaling Out SMEs” and address how SMEs can expand beyond Brunei borders.

Entrepreneurs who are interested to attend can call Fatin Arifin at 2226555 or email fatin.arifin@asiaincforum.com for more information.

–Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Source: http://www.brudirect.com/index.php/Local-News/upcoming-lbd-forum-to-centre-on-creating-breakthrough-growth.html