ThinkBig Innovate 2011 to inspire technopreneurs

Posted on  24/08/2011  |  Media Centre

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The THiNKBIG Innovate 2011 technology and entrepreneurship forum is hoped to inspire entrepreneurship and new ideas, said a representative from the iCentre, a co-organiser of the event.

“This year, we have rebranded the event as Innovate 2011 as this is NOT just another technology forum, this is a platform for inspiration, for learning and for ideas in building better businesses, markets, a stronger industry, a firmer framework for encouraging entrepreneurship, and understanding how the world is moving towards different emerging technologies,” said Hadi Shafie, manager of the iCentre, of what the re-branded event was now hoping to achieve.

“We had in mind to spur the development entrepreneurship in Brunei when we crafted the programme,” he said, adding that last year, the message delivered was that “business can still thrive, particularly in an age of mobility and connectivity” and to date, has seen a number of local companies coming up with applications for the mobile phone as well as partnerships between entrepreneurs and telcos on this front.

“The forum is still about technology but we want to include an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship because without innovation, there would be no entrepreneurship and vice versa,” he explained. Themed “Innovation … Inspiring and Driving Change”, the forum co-organised with Asia Inc Forum, will explore how innovation driven technology has inspired change and how entrepreneurs have used these innovations to bring value to businesses and society.

It will introduce a new format with multi-track sessions, a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) style presentation and a networking lunch with topics like opportunities in ICT entrepreneurship, business innovation, digital marketing and social media.

It will also feature distinguished leaders and entrepreneurs from the region including Derek Sivers, Founder of CDBABY, Ann Burgraff, Mentor Advisor at NUS Enterprise & Former VP of Corporate Marketing at Salesforce, Hew Joon Yeng, Co- founder of PigeonLab Pte Ltd and Kelly Choo, Co-founder & Business Development Director at Brandtology as well as leading local speakers from government and business.

The event will be held at the Empire Hotel and Country Club on October 20 and is co-organised with Asia Inc Forum.

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