THiNK BIG Innovate 2011

Posted on  19/04/2011  |  2011, Programs & Events

About the Forum

The THiNK BIG INNOVATE 2011 – an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum which has evolved from the annual THiNKBIG Technology Forum brought together leading ICT practitioners from the region and overseas to share on the latest ICT trends and developments with relevance to Brunei. The theme “Innovation…Inspiring and Driving Change” looks at the different ways that innovations driven by technology have inspired change and how entrepreneurs have used these innovations to bring value to society and businesses.

This year’s THiNK BIG Innovate2011 introduced a new format to the forum that included multi-track sessions after the plenary and networking lunch followed by a TED style presentation.

Forum Highlights

  • Commercialization of ideas and fostering an environment to create innovation
  • New ICT technologies and processes for business excellence
  • How technology is changing the way we learn
  • The rules of engagement in digital marketing
  • Discussion on the growth of social media and its risks, advantages and opportunities
  • Excellent networking opportunity to meet the “movers and shakers” of Brunei’s IT industry

THiNK BIG Innovate Dialogue

“Building Skills for Tomorrow: How Technology can Improve Learning?”
26th January 2012

Key Highlights:

  • Implementing ICT into education opens a door for learning through connectivity and internationalisation of schools
  • Teaching using ICT allows for personalised learning, which enables students to learn at their own pace and with their own learning styles; be it auditory, visual or practical
  • The benefit of learning with technology is that it addresses different types of intelligences of the students
  • The idea of personalised learning is that sutdents make use of their own understanding and have their own success regardless of whether they are fast or slow learniner
  • ICT programmes such as OneNote and Microsoft Lync can enhance pedagogical practices in school to enhance learning for students
  • More attendtion should be paid to exposing IT education opportunities and teachers’ professional development as it is a crucial step to implementing ICT into education.

THiNK BIG Innovate 2011: A Technology & Entrepreneurship Forum

“Innovation… Inspiring and Driving Change”

20th October 2011 @ the Empire Hotel & Country Club

  • To download the programme, please click here
  • To download the forum summary, please click here
  • Presentation on Entrepreneurship by Mr Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby, USA.
  • Presentation on Digital Marketing by Ms Ann Burgraff, Mentor Advisor, NUS Enterprise & Founding Member, Search Ventures, Singapore.