Speaker’s Profile – Veronica Colondam

Posted on  20/03/2010  |  Women's Forum 2010

Chief Executive Officer Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB)

Veronica Colondam (Vera) is the CEO of Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), which she founded in 1999 along with like – minded individuals. Apart from her duties to YCAB, she presently serves as expert advisor to the Indonesian National Narcotic Board (BNN ).

Prior to founding YCAB she was active in anti-drug activities. She was awarded the Unites Nations – Vienna Civil Society Award in 2001 in recognition of her contributions, followed by the National Gold Award from the President of Indonesia in 2003. In 2004, she was commissioned by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime ( UNODC –Vienna) as the Regional Coordinator of the Global Youth Network (GYN) for the South East Asia and the Pacific. In 2006, she was appointed as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She further served as a Fellow of the Asia Society 21 Young Leaders, class of 2007. In November 2008, she received a Social Innovator Park Fellow Award for her contribution as a social entrepreneur in Indonesia.

Vera studied mass communication and public relations for her undergraduate degree. She subsequently earned her Master’s of Science in Drug Policy and Intervention from the Imperial College, University of London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines. She further attended the Executive Program in Global leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and INSEAD for social entrepreneurship.

Her publications include co-authoring a manual book for youth on ‘Enhancing Life Skills on Drug Abuse Prevention’ (published by the Colombo Plan, Drug Advisory Program, 2004 ). She published her first book, ‘Raising Drug Free Children’ in July 2007. She is a frequent contributor to daily national newspaper Media Indonesia and www.kickandy.com.

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