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Posted on  20/03/2010  |  Women's Forum 2010

Carol Yip holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Majoring in Finance with Distinction) from the University of Hull, UK, a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Honours) from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia. She is the President of Monash University Alumni Malaysia, and member of Monash Alumni Advisory Group (MAAG) for Monash University Australia where Dr Alan Finckle, Chancellor of Monash University is the Patron of MAAG.

Carol’s mission is to promote financial literacy within families and at all levels of society by educating them of the necessity to understand their mindset and behaviors, and how both affect their money, for better or for worse. She teaches techniques and skills that empower people to manage their money better through the use of simple and easily understood tools and strategies. Currently, she is completing her Masters in Counseling with the intention of specializing in financial counseling and coaching. Carol believes that by providing people – young and old – with key financial concepts and applications, they can avoid financial distress, live a more productive, enjoyable and less stressful lifestyle.

Carol’s experiences in Award Assessment:

  1. She is the appointed judge for Monash University Annual Distinguish Award, which is the highest award to be given to a Monash Alumnus who has created significant contributions in his or her career and to society.
  2. She is one of the appointed assessors for the SME Recognition Award 2009, 2008 and 2007 for SMI Association of Malaysia. She has the experience in the process of assessing the award applications for 12 award categories.

Carol has been recognized for her “Outstanding Career Achievements and Contribution to Society in the Finance and Commerce Sector” by The Malaysian Women’s Weekly Great Women of Our Time Award 2008.

She is the author of “Smart Money User” and “Money Rules” – two books that reveal how your state of mind and beliefs affect how much (or how little) wealth you will have, or retain. Carol also contributes articles to magazines like Good Living Magazine, Her World, Cleo, Female, Women’s Weekly, Smart Investor and The Star Business Week and appears on national television including NTV7 and RTM2 and BFM89.9 radio to talk on the topic of Behavioral Finance in Personal Money. She also writes for The Star Newspaper Bizweek – ‘My Money’ column.

She is a speaker for many conferences and seminars in Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong , Australia and United States.

Amongst the many conferences and seminars: Monash University Alumni in Malaysia and Singapore, Asia Business Forum for Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong, TEC Asia Centre, Business Network International (BNI) Conference 2007, The Malaysian Secretaries Conference 2007, The Genome Institute of Singapore and Australia Universities International Alumni Conference 2008 in Singapore, The Pinnacle Academy Singapore, 4th Public & Business Financial Expo 2008 Malaysia and Management & Science University Generation Y Conference 2008, and the Attorney General’s Chambers Conference 2008, Asia Trader and Investors Convention 2009 and 2010, KDU Management Development Centre (KMDC), Asia Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) Conference 2009 and 2010, Women in Leadership Conference 2009, Eu Yan Sang Education Workshop for Women 2009, Lending and Risk Insurance Conference 2009 Australia, Professional Investment Services 14th Annual Conference 2010 Hawaii, Women Seminar by Professional Investment Advisory Singapore 2010.

She is the advisor and organizing partner for the Retirement Transformation Conference 2010, which aims to share, identify, raise awareness and deepen understanding of retirement issues as well as create a platform for key stakeholders to learn from international best practices. This could facilitate the review and development of a national retirement blueprint in line with the Government Transformation Programme and leading to redefining retirement for Malaysia. This conference – the first of its kind in Malaysia – brings together retirement experts, financial service, providers, academics decision makers and strategic partners – with the goal of witnessing the seeding of a transformation in attitude and policies towards retirement and ageing.

She also produced a 10-minute movie “Family Money Rules: the spoken and unspoken words about money” that exemplifies the need for all of us to know the importance of how our family and social backgrounds affect the way we see and utilize money in our daily lives. You can watch it at www.AbacusForMoney.com.

More of Carol’s work can be found at her website www.AbacusForMoney.com.

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