Renowned Blue Ocean guru to give talk on SME growth

Posted on  03/11/2012  |  Media Centre


Saturday, November 3, 2012

ASIA Inc Forum will be organising a half-day forum on “Creating Breakthrough Growth” for Brunei’s SMEs on November 6 featuring renowned Blue Ocean guru Dr Peter Ting.

The forum will take place at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, where Dr Peter Ting, the Regional Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Market Creations at the USCI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre, will present a talk on “Scaling Out SMEs”.

“The upcoming forum will bring together 80 to 100 local entrepreneurs and will feature a keynote address and dialogue with the guest of honour, a talk around ‘Scaling Out SMEs’ and an SME Mentoring Dialogue addressing how SMEs can achieve significance beyond Brunei borders,” Asia Inc said in a statement.

Dr Ting is a senior figure at the institute responsible for formulating the strategic blueprint and developing talents to pioneer the growth and expansion of Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting in the Asia-Pacific Region which serves ten countries in Asia including China and India.

Originally co-created by Professor W Chan Kim and Professor Renee Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Strategy is the result of a decade-long study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 industries over 100 years (1880-2000). The Blue Ocean Strategy is known to be used successfully in Malaysia’s economic transformation programme since 2009, which saw the nation undergo strong economic growth following the economic crisis.

Prior to joining UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre (China) in 2008, Dr Ting was Chief Operating Officer of a Property Sales Management Company, providing leadership and mentoring to his robust team to design and execute an online system to manage more than 1,000 housing units. He has worked as a Professional Trainer and Holistic Leadership Life Coach in over nine countries including Australia and USA. His experience includes working as Lecturer, Course Director, Academic Head, Vice-Principal, Project Manager, International Franchise Manager, and Group CEO in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

“Dr Ting earlier this year highlighted that Brunei is well on its way to achieving Vision 2035. Two of the three visions have already been achieved where the only one left is building high intellectual human capital. The one impediment is the mindset of SMEs in thinking Brunei is so small,” the statement read.

Pierre Imhof, the CEO of Baiduri Bank, was quoted as saying in the statement: “In order to survive in today’s business environment, Brunei SMEs must be able to enhance their competitive edge and take competitiveness to a whole new level. This requires rethinking overall strategy and creating new business opportunities by developing or exploiting their advantages.”

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