National Environment Conference Forum

Posted on  22/06/2012  |  Media Centre

Friday, 22 June 2012

Brunei Darussalam is fortunate as a nation, that endowed with ample natural resources. A small country with small population, encourages clean and green industrial activities as part of the nation’s sustainable development goals. This was highlighted by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources in her presentation on sustainable in Brunei Darussalam during an open forum of the National Environment Conference.

Dayang Hajah Normah said Brunei Darussalam is covered of various types of forests including pristine forest, montane forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, heath forest, the Beach Forest, Peat Swamp Forest, Fresh water Swamp Forest and Mangrove forest. She also mentioned on the participation of Brunei Darussalam together with Malaysia and Indonesia in the Heart of Borneo project. Borneo, she said, is also one of the largest mega-biodiversity ecosystems in the world making it a prime sport for eco-tourism. During the forum, Dayang Hajah Normah Suria Hayati also spoke on the 1989 National Forest Policy. In pursuance of National Development objectives and consistent with global strategies on bio-geoecology in which the forests play a vital role, the Government of Brunei Darussalam commits itself to conserve develop and manage its forest resources for the preservation and upliftment of the quality of life, the promotion of social, political and economic well-being of the people, and technological progress of the country.

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