MIPR partners with Asia Inc to nurture SMEs

Posted on  10/05/2012  |  Media Centre


Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR) is partnering with Asia Inc Forum to co-organise the Local Business Development (LBD) Programme throughout this year to help enhance the development of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in Brunei.

Through the public-private partnership, the ministry and Asia Inc will hold a series of capacity-building activities in the form of business seminars, workshops and forums throughout 2012 and will bring in international and local industry and corporate professionals and practitioners to provide their input.

During a press conference hosted by Asia Inc Forum yesterday, Head of the Entrepreneurial Development Centre Effandi Hj Salleh (pic) said that the collaboration with Asia Inc for the LBD marked another milestone in strengthening public-private partnership (PPP) in developing local businesses.

He said that as one of the strategies to spur SME development in the country, partership between government agencies and the private sector is extremely important in creating synergy to enable both partners to work together in establishing a common platform for collaboration of various related programmes and projects that would enhance SMEs involvement in the global supply chain.

“As one of the fore-runner agencies for SME business support and development drive, the ministry is committed to continuously provide capacity building programmes that are relevant, current and applicable to brunei SME needs and operating environment,” he said.

Effandy added that the wide ranging and continuously changing scenarios of SME needs require adaptability and flexibility in a number of areas of service delivery channels, and require the ministry to leverage opportunities for expansion of its services via partnership with other government agencies and private business development service providers.

“The ministry continues reviewing its current programmes for consolidation to better align resources towards achieving objectives and relevant policy directions of Brunei Vision 2035 with the objective of producing a compendium of the various interventions of government and private sector.” Al-Haadi Abu Bakar

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