Going green can cut business costs: Asia Inc Forum

Posted on  08/07/2014  |  Media Centre

Fitri Shahminan

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BUSINESSES can cut costs in the long run by being environmentally friendly, said the programme executive at Asia Inc Forum yesterday.

“In this age, merely making profit is not enough, business leaders have to ensure that their businesses continue to have enough resources to last through years to come,” Low Leng May told The Brunei Times.

“A focus on environmental sustainability ensures business sustainability,” she said, adding that being eco-friendly reduces waste and cost.

“Something as simple as changing an organisational culture to be energy-efficient can save organisations a lot of money each year. Simple habits such as switching off lights when not in use, refilling ink cartilages, and recycling can reduce a company’s utility and operating costs significantly.”

Going green is the latest marketing trend and has been proven to increase sales, said Low.

Being an eco-friendly establishment gives companies a positive public image and people love “businesses that care“, she said.

“Environmental issues have become a serious topic over the years, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of their choices and go for responsible companies,” she said.

Going green not only gives companies credibility but also increases their competitive advantage in the business arena, Low added. “Local businesses can learn effective and environmental ways to save costs, and increase sales.”

Low said while it has been observed that some local businesses are raising ecological awareness, there is more to be done towards creating an eco-friendly business environment.

“In the business world, one does not settle…business leaders are always thinking of ways to up their game and improve their business practices,” she said.

Since “green business” is still in its infancy in Brunei, there are plenty of opportunities for local companies to attract more consumers by becoming eco-friendly, she said.

“As an example, the growing IT industry has plenty of room to explore in creating eco-friendly apps, apps that can help us reduce our energy consumption,” said Low.

Asia Inc Forum will be hosting its annual National Environment Conference on August 13.

Themed “Brunei’s green future: Ideas, strategies, possibilities“, the conference will feature experts from the region and the United States, who will lead discussions on renewable energy, leading sustainable lifestyles, and business opportunities arising from environmental challenges.

Featured speakers include Milo Sjardin, head of Asia-Pacific Bloomberg New Energy Finance; Edwin Khew, chairman of Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore; and Erin Schrode, co-founder of Teens Turning Green USA.

The Brunei Times

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