National Environment Conference 2010 – Go Green Sustainability Awards

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The Go Green Sustainability Awards, now on its second year, will continue to recognize and reward Brunei businesses, institutions, communities and individuals that demonstrate outstanding leadership in environmental management or sustainable initiatives. The recognition ceremony will take place at lunch during the National Environment Conference on 01 July 2010 to be held at the Empire Hotel & Country Club.

Theme: Sustainability can mean smart business

Over the last few years there has been an increased understanding throughout business, government and community that sustainability can mean smart business. Sustainable organizations do things better, smarter and more productively while reducing their everyday environmental impacts. This year’s awards is aimed at pushing further the envelope on what can be achieved and in developing unique creative solutions to improving our environment for the future generations of Brunei.

The Categories

Best Sustainability Initiative Award

  1. Private Sector/SME – for outstanding achievements by a local SME for adopting excellent environmental management practices into operational business activities and reducing the organization’s footprint. Such practices do not only boost its corporate social responsibility profile but also to attain long-term sustainability.
  2. Public Sector/Community/Institution – in recognition of exceptional public service projects to generate new thinking around sustainable development and economic growth. It is an acknowledgement of the contribution to the public life and civil society.

Sustainability Leadership Award

This Award recognizes outstanding individual/s for extraordinary leadership or pioneering work in developing, implementing and promoting the principles of sustainability within or in cooperation with the private sector.

Judging Criteria

a) Best Sustainability Initiative Award – SME

Companies/organizations will be judged based on the following:

  • Corporate Environment Responsibility
    The company (or its product/technology) has incorporated environmental responsibility in the conduct of business.
  • Innovation
    The company (or its product/technology) has innovative initiatives that reduce the impact on environment through reduced energy consumption, recycling and reduced natural resource consumption etc.
  • Sustainable Business Growth
    The company (or its product/technology) has adopted sustainable measures in their business planning.
  • Commercial Potential
    The company (or its product/technology) has adopted or invested in sustainable solutions to meet its commercial objectives.
  • HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) and production process management system
    The company (or its product/technology) has created measurable improvements to employee performance due to health and safety initiatives and an efficient production management system in place to encourage environmental protection and sustainable development.

b) Best Sustainability Initiative Award – in the public sector/community/institution/NGO

  • Show a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Be innovators in their fields
  • Show that becoming more sustainable is not in conflict with achieving the organization’s core mission (whatever that may be).

c) Sustainability Leadership Award (Individual)

  • Provided vision and support for corporate/ organization environmental policies, sustainability or social responsibility (CSR).
  • Demonstrated environmental stewardship and sustainability practices with commitment to business competitiveness and financial performance eg. Reduction in cost/s and/or enhanced business competitiveness through implementation of sustainability initiatives.
  • Translated corporate/organization environmental vision into concrete initiatives.
  • Excellent communication of environment and sustainability issues, policies and progress to stakeholders.

Awarding Ceremony

The awarding ceremony will take place at lunch during the National Environment Conference on Thursday, 01 July at the Empire Theatre.

How to enter?

Click here to download the application form and questionaire
( Closing date for application 30th May 2010 )

The Go Green Sustainability Awards is in partnership with:

2009 winners of Go Green Sustainabillity Awards International School of Brunei & Duaodua-APT Waste Mgt with Asia Inc’s corporate partners, Total, HSBC & Alcoa