Datin Marina Mahathir to grace Women’s Forum

Posted on  29/07/2010  |  Media Centre

Thursday, July 29, 2010 – Page B12

Nasroul Hizam

COLUMNIST, socio blogger, women’s rights advocate and daughter of Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister, Datin Marina Mahathir will be yet another inspiring figure to grace this year’s upcoming Women’s Forum. Organised by Asia Inc Forum with the theme “Women Rising: New Aspirations, New Challenges”, it will bring together 200 women from the business community, government, academia, entrepreneurs and members of women’s organisations and social circles to learn, network and share experiences on key issues challenges and the important roles of women on finance, leadership, entrepreneurship, and unique abilities in making a difference.

No stranger to the public eye, Datin Marina told Asia Inc Forum that her role in life is really to enlighten the west that Asian women are just as intelligent, purposeful an successful but just approach things differently.

True enough and most importantly in the scope of Muslim women who fall prey to stereotyping everywhere. Much is known of the west, so she found her calling to introduce the world to the real asian woman.

A household name when it comes to the struggle against HIV and AIDS, Datin Marina revealed that her passion started because she had friends living with HIV and some who have dies of AIDS.

“HIV is a good entry point for many issues in society because it really is a product of inequality,” she said. “If you have unequal access to education, you are at risk of HIV. If you have unequal access to resources, you are at risk. If you have an inability to have an say in your society’s social, economic and political life, you are also at risk. And if you, as a woman, are viewed with less justice than a man is, then you are definitely at risk.”

She added that aside from having her parents as major influences, it was also the inspirational individuals especially those living with HIV who have taught her what it means to love life.

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