Posted on  26/09/2008  |  Media Centre

26th September 2008

The issue of climate change is now a global concern and is a key agenda in today’s world order- and Brunei Darussalam is no different. This year the world has witnessed the calamities such as the Sichuan Earthquake in May, followed by the Myanmar Cyclone and the flooding in Bihar, India and most recently, Hurricane Ike in Texas. These calamites that hit countries have no regard to race, region and economic standing.

His Majesty The Sultan in his Titah on July 15, 2008 highlighted some concerns related to this present global phenomena especially on its impact on the environment. He emphasized on some important issues e.g. the importance of energy conservation for every citizen to shoulder the responsibility, proper disposal of waste and the impact of global warming to the environment.

In line with this Titah of HM The Sultan of Brunei, the National Environment Conference 2008 is being organized to bring the public and private sectors together and create a platform for integrated ideas and policies on environmental sustainability and stewardships with a focus on energy conservation, waste management and climate change issues. The theme “Building a Cleaner, Brighter Future” outlines key strategies, programs, policies and initiatives that will help sustain a clean and healthy environment for Brunei Darussalam. The program stream will include discussions on green buildings, green sustainable supply chain, climate change, alternative energy, collaborative initiatives and waste management. This conference is organized in line with the objective set out in the National Development Plan (RKN 2007-2012) that emphasizes on addressing the environmental and resource management issues.

Confirmed overseas speakers at the National Environment Conference 2008 include Dr Kenny Tang, referred to by Merrill-Lynch as “Asia’s Al Gore” and Author of WASTEnomics; Dr Terry Yosie, CEO of World Environment Centre; Mr Tom Paladino, a nationally recognized leader in green building industry and founder and president of Paladino & Company from USA and Ms Teresa Au, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Asia Pacific Region, HSBC.

The National Environment Conference 2008 is organized by Asia Inc Forum in partnership with TOTAL, HSBC, ALCOA and BLNG.

This conference is possible because of a strong partnership forged over the years with key industry, government and business players with the aim of offering a forum and program that seeks common ground for solutions to environmental challenges facing the people of Brunei Darussalam.

To register and obtain more information on the event, please contact Ms Nanette Ramos or Mohd Hadi Shafie @ 222 6555 or email or visit