Asia Inc to co-organise APEC-China CEO forum in June

Posted on  08/05/2012  |  Media Centre

By Goh De No

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ASIA Inc Forum is expecting over 300 business leaders from China and the Asia-Pacific region to convene in Beijing for the inaugural APEC-China CEO Forum in June this year.

To be held on June 6 to 8, the forum will see “eminent minds present(ing) new perspectives on China’s economic landscape, industry and technological developments that are reshaping consumer behaviours,” a statement read.

Key sectors that will be focused on are energy, infrastructure, finance and logistics to name a few.

General manager Andrew Dy said in an e-mail statement recently that the China CEO Forum will complement Russia’s APEC CEO Summit.

“The idea is for business leaders to highlight China-centric issues that can be further discussed at the APEC CEO Summit in Russia that will be held in September this year. The initiative also ties in with China hosting APEC in 2014,” said Dy.

Co-organised by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and its strategic partner-cum-dialogue facilitator Asia Inc Forum, the inaugural forum is a “unique networking and learning platform for Chairmen and CEOs in the Asia-Pacific”.

“It is an opportunity to reflect how far China has come, and what we must pay attention to,” stressed a joint statement by the forum’s co-chairmen, which includes Dato Paduka Timothy Ong, who is chairman of Asia Inc Forum.

In a statement the co-chairs said “the programme will include some very distinguished insights and opinions that have shaped the Chinese agenda and regional cooperation.

“We are confident that this will be a worthwhile opportunity to build new friendships, networks, and opportunities in China and across the larger APEC region.”

A top Chinese government figure is expected to deliver an opening keynote address to launch the APEC China CEO Forum, according to the statement.

The forum will also discuss reports such as ‘The APEC CEO Survey 2012: The China Slice’ as well as a town-hall discussion on ‘Sustaining Growth in the Asia Pacific: What Do We Do?’ led by Chen Yuan, the governor of China Development Bank.

Other discussions include “Can Rapid Economic Growth Be Green?” by Chandran Nair, author of Consumptionomics and chairman of the Global Institute for Tomorrow based in Hong Kong.

“If Asia is to achieve prosperity for the broad majority of its population, the countries of the region must find alternative ways of promoting human and economic development,” said Nair in the statement.

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