Bloomberg expert to discuss clean energy ideas at Empire

Posted on  05/07/2014  |  Media Centre

BLOOMBERG clean energy expert, Milo Sjardin, is among the confirmed keynote speakers at the upcoming National Environment Conference on August 13, at The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

Sjardin will address the growing need for renewable energy in his keynote speech on “Transitioning to Clean Energy” at the conference. In his speech, he will highlight investment trends around the world, development of renewable energy, competitiveness with other generation technologies and benefits and challenges surrounding deployment of clean energy in the power sector.

Sjardin is the Head of Asia-Pacific for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, based in Singapore. In his current capacity, he oversees analyst teams across the Asia-Pacific. A leading expert in clean energy and carbon markets since 2004, Sjardin has advised many companies on their clean energy investment strategies and the implications of emissions trading on their business.

Sjardin frequently speaks at conferences and has been extensively quoted in the media.

Previously, he led Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s North American analysis team, and before that, co-founded New Carbon Finance out of London.

He predicted clean energy to play a major role in Asia in the next few decades. With the substantial decline of renewable costs over the past few years, high costs of natural gas, environmental and safety concerns of coal and nuclear generation, Sjardin said renewables have become a “viable and effective solution for Asia’s growing energy needs”.